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Alice Queen Limited

  • Mendooran (NSW)

    Posted on: 14 November, 2016

    Alice Queen Expands its Molong Volcanic Belt ground holding with granting of EL 8469 (Mendooran). Please see ASX Announcement 14 November 2016 for more information: Mendooran  

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  • Kaiwalagal (Torres Strait, QLD)

    Posted on: 6 March, 2016

    Kaiwalagal   Kaiwalagal (EPM 25418) was granted to Kauraru Gold in early 2016, greatly increasing the exploration foot print within the Kaurareg Archipelago. The project, whilst largely greenfields consists of several islands that have a history of small scale artisanal gold mining dating back to the late 1800’s but have […]

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  • Horn Island (Ngurupai)

    Posted on: 1 July, 2014

    Alice Queen Holding approached the Kaurareg Aboriginal Land Trust to form a joint venture company “Kauraru Gold Pty Ltd” in May 2013 to explore for gold resources within the Kaurareg Archipelago. The Horn Island (Ngurupai) project lies in the Kaurareg Archipelago of the Torres Strait, north of Cape York Peninsula. […]

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  • Looking Glass (NSW)

    Posted on: 3 June, 2014

    The Looking Glass project is located in northern New South Wales in the Lachlan Fold Belt porphyry province along the Molong Volcanic Arc. The Molong Volcanic Belt is a feature where substantial discoveries have previously been made including arguably Australia’s largest porphyry deposit at Cadia (Newcrest Mining – 9Mt Cu, […]

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