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Kaiwalagal (Torres Strait, QLD)

Alice Queen Limited



Kaiwalagal (EPM 25418) was granted to Kauraru Gold in early 2016, greatly increasing the exploration foot print within the Kaurareg Archipelago. The project, whilst largely greenfields consists of several islands that have a history of small scale artisanal gold mining dating back to the late 1800’s but have experienced little or no modern day exploration.

The archipelago consists of; Kaiwalagal

  •  Zuna Island
  • Prince of Wales Island
  • Friday Island
  • Goodes Island
  • Wednesday island


The company has, following an initial literature review, identified areas on Murulag (Prince of Wales Island), Zuna (Entrance Island), Palilag (Goods Island), Mawai (Wednesday Island), and Gialag (Friday Island) that have previously been mined or noted for gold and/or associated base metals.

It is expected that mineralisation that may be discovered in the license area will be similar to that on the adjacent Ngurupai (Horn Island) project. These mineralised occurrences are quartz sulphide veins and breccias, hosted by Late Carboniferous – Early Permian intrusions of the Horn Island and Badu granite suites. The primary target mineral for exploration in this application area is gold and other associated or ”path-finder” elements Ag, As, Cu, Pb, Sn, W, and Zn.

The islands subject to this application have only a limited history of modern exploration, with stream sediment surveys carried out during the late 1960’s and in 1987-1988. These surveys identified a number of zones of gold and other base metal anomalism in broad spaced drainage sampling, however only limited follow-up sampling was undertaken. In general the islands show strong drainage patterns that are amenable to this style of initial exploration.

It is proposed to carry out a comprehensive drainage sampling program to identify the source of the existing known anomalous gold and base metal anomalism and potentially identify new sources of mineralisation. Once identified, anomalous regions will be mapped thoroughly and soil sampled. If coherent anomalies are identified, detailed helicopter based and ground geophysical surveys may be undertaken to highlight primary drilling targets. If coherent anomalies are identified initial scout drilling will be undertaken.