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Looking Glass (NSW)

Alice Queen Limited

The Looking Glass project is located in northern New South Wales in the Lachlan Fold Belt porphyry province along the Molong Volcanic Arc. The Molong Volcanic Belt is a feature where substantial discoveries have previously been made including arguably Australia’s largest porphyry deposit at Cadia (Newcrest Mining – 9Mt Cu, 50Moz Au).

The exposed Arc has been extensively explored, therefore it is highly unlikely that any new Porphyry complexes will be discovered on the exposed Arcs. The Looking Glass tenements cover the northern extension of The Molong Volcanic Belt where it goes undercover and as a result has remained unexplored to this day.

Porphyry complexes generally exhibit geophysical properties of magnetic highs and gravity lows. The Looking Glass tenement also exhibits a similar magnetic high and gravity low as the Porphyry complex at Cadia making Looking Glass an exciting exploration concept.

Looking Glass/Molong Volcanic Belt Arc Magnetics

Looking Glass/Molong Volcanic Belt Arc Magnetics